How To Find Your Towed Car in San Antonio, Texas.

Finding out your automobile has been towed is frustrating, and then trying to find out where it is only increases your frustration. Here are a few tips to locate where your car may be located at.  


First thing to do is try to stay calm. Easier said than done we know. Most people start calling tow companies they find on Google, and that is a waste of time.  


Locate a Tow Sign at the Entrance of the Property.    The State of Texas requires tow companies to place signs at the entrance of a property it tows from. This sign must list a company name and phone number. This phone number is your first call. 


Call the San Antonio Police Department.  All towed automobiles are required to be reported to the police department within (45) minutes.  The non-emergency number to call is (210)  207-7273. When you speak with someone just ask them if your car has been towed. Have a license plate or V.I.N. ready so they verify if your car was towed. 


 Report it stolen.  If all fails, make a police report for a stolen automobile.