My Car Was Repossessed. Can I Get It Back?

Having an automobile repossessed is never an easy situation to deal with.  Most autos are repossessed for late payments, no insurance, or other stipulations of the financing falling through.

The answer to the question "If my car was repossessed, can I get it back?" is not always simple.  The answer is maybe.  This issue is asked of us all too often.  There are steps that most banks take after the repossession.  This all depends on the bank cooperating with you for the most part.  

If you were behind in payments, you'll have to pay the past due balance.  Some lenders may make a payment arrangement with you to get you current.  If you were behind on payments it is safe to say the bank has been calling you.  If you avoided those calls, your likelihood of making an arrangement for payment just almost vanished.  

Talking with the bank can be frustrating.  Remember to stay calm.  Be honest in everything you say, and ask for help.  Let me be very clear that you should never be dishonest to a bank.  If you were laid off, had a cut in hours, or had some unexpected bills - just communicate that.  We all have rough times, and they do listen to you.  

If you have tried everything, you will most likely have to find another car.