How Do I Get My Car Back?

Shark Recovery was contacted by the lien holder, or owner, to locate and secure possession of your vehicle.  Our repossession agents have taken your vehicle to a secured storage facility until arrangements are made between you and the lien holder.  We have nothing to do with the financial arrangements with your finance company.  You MUST contact the finance company to make arrangements for the return of your car.

Once your finance company notifies us that the car may be released, we will schedule an appointment to return your automobile.

We attempt to schedule the return of your vehicle the same day (if time permits during our business hours).   Your car will only be released Monday - Friday from 12:30PM - 4:30PM. 

If you require release after hours there is a $50.00 gate fee.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

How Do I Get My Property Back?

You must make an appointment to pickup your property.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Call (210) 598-7355 and schedule an appointment to pickup your property during business hours.

12:30PM to 4:30PM, Monday - Friday.  No Holiday Releases.

Bring The Following Items With You When Your Pickup Your Property:

  1. Personal Identification (Valid State Issued ID Card / Drivers License)
  2. Property Inventory Fee Payment ($75.00 Cash, Debit/Credit Card)
  3. Keys to the vehicle.  (Property will not be released without the keys.)

Disruptive or Threatening Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated - You Will Be Asked To Leave