San Antonio Parking Enforcement

What we do is simple.  We remove, or impound, automobiles with our tow trucks that violate the wishes of the property owner(s) or management team.  Property owners and managers alike call us when there is a problem with automobiles parking on their property, or when the current towing service is providing inadequate attention to the client's needs.  No matter what the the problem is, we provide the best customer experience for our clients.  

Our clients consist of:

  • Apartments
  • HOA (Home Owner Associations)
  • Motor Home / RV Park
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Offices
  • Car Washes
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Abandoned Property
  • Vacant Property
  • Realtors

How To Impound Automobiles From Your Property

Once you contact our team, one of our management members will call you.  We will go over the property requiring parking enforcement, current issues needing attention, and the level of enforcement required.  As Texas State law requires we must install signage that warns parking violators that our company is contracted to provide impound services.  We send our team to the location to ensure we are compliant with Texas State Laws, and have send your signs to be professionally printed (usually installed within 24 - 72 hours).

Signage is installed on the property at the main entrances, clearly visible to any persons entering.  By law we must wait (72 Hours) before removing any automobiles.  Once the time lapses, we may remove the automobiles that are warranted to be impounded.  

Parking Enforcement Services Offered

Shark Recovery, Inc. offers three different parking enforcement service levels for property owners.  The services are completely free to the property owner or manager.  The levels of parking enforcement are below:

  • On-Call Parking Enforcement

On-Call services are performed only when an authorized agent of the property requests an automobile to be removed.  No automobiles are removed without the request being submitted.  

  • Limited Patrol Parking Enforcement

Limited Patrol impound services are patrol services performed on a scheduled basis.  Our team will patrol your property for parking violations, tag the auto if needed, and request approval for removal.  This service leaves the property owner, management team, or other authorized person in complete control of what automobiles are impounded from the property.  As with On-Call services, we will impound any automobiles that are requested.

  • Full Patrol Parking Enforcement

Full patrol parking enforcement are patrol services that are management free.  The property owner or designee sets forth regulations for the property (i.e. no double parking, assigned parking, backed in parking only, or parking permit only), and violators are towed.  Our team will conduct scheduled patrols, or random patrols to ensure your property regulations are adhered to.  When a automobile is impounded by a tow truck, you are notified by e-mail with photographs of the infraction.

Why Choose Shark Recovery, Inc. for Parking Enforcement?

Our team is among the best in San Antonio, Texas to provide parking enforcement impound services.  Our clientele utilizes us because we are a team.  You talk with the same people each time you call, see the same drivers, and can expect nothing but professionalism in all we do.  Here are some excellent reasons why our service is the best in town:

  • 24 Hour Dispatching
  • Free Mobile Application (Request an impound, track the call progress, and know what was impounded right on your phone)
  • Professional Drivers
  • Drug Testing
  • Background Checks
  • $3,000,000 Insurance
  • Fast Response

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